Certificate CE

The CE certificate together with the test report supplements the technical documentation prepared by the manufacturer before issuing the Declaration of Conformity, required to confirm the conformity of the product with the essential requirements of the European LVD Directive. The CE certificate is issued for an unlimited period. The validity of the certificate stops automatically when one of the normative documents constituting the basis for the assessment ceases to be considered by the European Commission to be harmonized with one of the directives relating to the given product.

Certification for compliance of product(s) is carried out without surveillance.

How to submit a product for certification

Step 1: email inquiries to bbj@bbj.pl with attachments:

  • product catalogue data sheets
  • assembly, operation and maintenance instructions – if required
  • list of elements and components used in the product
  • copies of certificates, confirming compliance with the relevant subject standard, for components used in the product
  • picture of the product

Step 2: filling in the application-order* and supplement the documentation with the following attachments:

  • assembly drawings, block diagrams and assembly scheme
  • completed manufacturer’s registered trademark form*
  • other documents not listed above, if applicable

    *to be download from the website

Step 3: delivery of samples selected for testing

Step 4: acceptance of the offer containing costs and realization time