SEP – BBJ belongs to the group of the oldest institution in the world, operating in the area of ​​conformity assessment of electrical products. From the very beginning, it has been operating in the structures of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers as a separate economic agenda. The activity of SEP – BBJ is widely recognized on the international forum. We operate within multilateral agreements of certification bodies and testing laboratories: international IECEE – CB Scheme and European ETICS (CCA, ENEC, ENEC Plus and HAR). Competencies of SEP – BBJ confirm the certificates of the Polish Centre for Accreditation and certificates of the above-mentioned international organizations.

The organization of Office:

  • National Certification Body (NCB) – Warsaw
  • Our Laboratories:
    • Division of Installation Materials, Electronic Equipment and Lighting Equipment /Warsaw/
    • Division of Low Voltage Apparatus /Lublin/
    • Division of Cables and Cords /Lublin/

The high level of service provided by the Office is determined not only by professional and experienced personnel, but – in case of laboratory tests – also by maintaining the highest standards with regard to measuring equipment and test methods.

We participate in inter-laboratory comparison programs, which provide a unique opportunity to verify, confirm proficiency and appropriate competences of accredited / notified testing laboratories around the world.