Certification Body

The Certification Body of SEP – BBJ carries out various certification of electrical products according to its own certification programs as well as worldwide (IECEE) and European (ETICS). The owners of international programs are agreements between Testing and Certification Bodies from various countries, and SEP – BBJ is their signatory.

Refer to its own certification programs, SEP – BBJ as the Certification Body is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre AC 012, and for the other programs received the acceptance of the IECEE and ETICS organizations, issued on the basis on carrying out mutual assessment.

On the basis of a positive result of the certification process, including product testing, evaluation of production conditions and subsequent supervision, we issue a certificate with the right to use on the products registered trademarks: B-BBJ, SEP-BBJ, ENEC, ENEC + or HAR. This type of certification is defined as type 5 according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17067.

We also carry out certification according to the type 1a program, limited to confirming that the tested product sample meets the requirements of the standard and/or technical specification referred to in the certificate. We carry out such certification within our own CE and Z programs as well as IECEE -CB and ETICS -CCA programs. The latter two enable the manufacturer to obtain national certification in other countries, on the marks of units, that are signatories to CB or CCA agreements.

The scope of our certification includes, among others: low voltage apparatus, cables and cords, light sources, luminaires, electronic equipment and electrical installation equipment.