Certificate ENEC PLUS

Certification for the ENEC PLUS Mark confirms the credibility of the functional parameters specified by the manufacturer, declared at the time of placing the product on the market. Currently, certification in the ENEC+ program is limited to luminaires, based in particular on LED technologies. The functional parameters of the product are, for example: rated useful life, luminaire efficacy, photometric data, supply current and voltage, luminous flux, critical temperature, colour temperature, colour rendering index, input power, ambient temperature rating.

The ENEC+ Mark can be applied to products based on LED technology, as well as using traditional light sources.

The ENEC+ Mark can only be obtained with a product that has the ENEC Mark.

ENEC+ Mark, like the ENEC+, is granted by signatories of the ENEC agreement.

All certified ENEC+ products are listed in the publicly available database at www.enecplus.com

Products certified in SEP-BBJ are marked ENEC+ with the number 28.

How to submit a product for certification

In the case of certification on the ENEC+ Mark, the product should be submitted to the Certification Body that granted the ENEC Mark for the product.

If the product does not yet have the ENEC Mark, the certification procedure should start with the ENEC CERTIFICATE.