Division of Low Voltage Apparatus

Low Voltage Aparatus Laboratory (LA) was created at Lublin Division of SEP – BBJ and started its activity in October 1974.

LA Laboratory carry out tests of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies including their components as: empty enclosures (acc. EN 62208), low-voltage switchgear and controlgear (acc. EN 60947 series), protection elements of instalation (MCB, RCCB, RCBO, fuses, SPD).

Moreover we have possibility to test Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC acc. EN 62561 series) and low voltage aerial bundled cable accessories (acc. EN 50483 series) as well as higher voltage line accessories (acc. EN 61284). Our scope of national accreditation covers testing of transformers, conveters, wellding machines, controls, miniature fuses and fuse holders.

Low Voltage Aparatus Laboratory is equipped in new environmental testing chambers: two climatic with temperature range   (-40°C….+180°C) and humidity (upto 96%), ageing UV test (Xenon test), corrosion tests;  salt mist test chamber and sulphur dioxide chamber.  We have also new dust chamber for IP5X and 6X test with inner dimensions 2000x1000x800 [mm]. And for other environmental test like vibrations we have new TIRA-vib system able to check resist against sinusoidal vibrations, shock and random tests as well. There was also built new equipment for mechanical tests in full range of IK degree.

The laboratory can carry out short-circuit tests (max 7,0 MVA), with new source for AC test at very low voltage (up to 50 kA) and also DC sources up to 20 kA at max 600 V. We are able to perform heating test at AC and DC current with stabilized source.

The newest scope extend areas are impulse current generators for testing of SPD and LPSC:
– 10/350 up to 100 kA for SPD testing in accordance with EN 61643-11,
– 10/350 up to 200 kA for LPSC testing according to EN 62561-1,
– 8/20 up to 100 kA for SPD testing and RCCB,

There is voltage generator 1,2/50 in the Low Voltage Aparatus Laboratory as well (up to 20 kV).