Division of Installation Materials, Electronic Equipment and Lighting Equipment

Division of Installation Materials, Electronic Equipment and Lighting Equipment is located in Warsaw (Międzylesie). We perform tests verifying the compliance of products with subject standards, tests necessary to carry out certification processes for national and international marks, and constructional tests based on customer standards or specifications.

Our activities include the range of:

  • electrical installation – tests of socket-outlets , switches, plugs, boxes, strips and installation ducts, rigid and flexible pipes, connectors, etc. of products
  • lighting – testing of light sources (among others incandescent, halogen, discharge, LED), luminaires and components used in them

We perform all tests based on our own specialized testing facilities. We have competent staff and high-quality measuring and testing devices that are periodically checked and / or calibrated in order to assure traceability.

At our laboratory, we use for tests, among others:

– test stand for  the breaking capacity and normal operation of switches for appliances

It is universal thanks to its design. It allows for testing of other products requiring the use of a small range of horizontal movements (e.g. checking the endurance of connections, which may be slightly stretched during normal operation).

– testing of the introduction of connecting cables – strength against excessive bending

Is designed for testing various types of plugs and socket-outlets equipped with cable. During one test, the check is carried out simultaneously on three identical pieces of products.

– test stand for rise temperature in the chamber conditions without draughts

It is adapted to conduct tests up to 110 ° C, has got a fully automated control system. It allows, for example, to confirm the working conditions of lighting fixtures at very high ambient temperatures (up to ta = 100 ° C).

Besides tests related to the safety of products, we also perform functional tests, for example: photobiology – using a double monochromator by BENTHAM, photometry, luminous flux, colour temperature CCT, colour rendering index CRI.

To perform functional tests we are served by: Ulbricht’s sphere and two darkrooms. One equipped with a goniometer, the other with a photometric bench for photobiological tests.