What we do

Testing of electrical products, according to the requirements of Polish, European and International Standards and other technical specifications

in scope:

  • general and safety requirements
  • energy efficiency
  • functional parameters (e.g. photometry, photobiology …)

for the following product categories:

  • electrical installation and switching equipment
  • sources of lighting and luminaires
  • cables and cords
  • switchgear and control equipment
  • surge arresters SPD and LPS elements
  • protection installation equipment (MCB, RCCB, RCBO circuit breakers and fuses)
  • transformers, converters, welders
  • switch gears, control gears, enclosures
  • programmers, controllers, relays
  • equipment for overhead lines
  • domestic appliances
  • office equipment, power supplies

Product certification, confirming that the product meets the requirements of standards or other normative documents referenced in the certificate

  • for registered compliance marks, with supervision during the validity period of the certification covering the manufactured products and place (s) of production – according to the type 5 certification scheme of ISO/IEC 17067:
    • ENEC
    • HAR
    • B-BBJ
    • SEP – BBJ
  • assessment of conformity of the product sample, without supervision – according to the type 1a certification scheme of ISO/IEC 17067:
    • CB
    • CCA
    • CE
    • Z

We carry out factory inspections and audits:

  • pre-license inspections
  • on-demand supervised inspections:
    • own certification body
    • other certification bodies
    • market surveillance bodies

We provide training and workshops.