Division of Cables and Cords

Cables and Cords Division is located in Lublin (Bursaki). We verify the compliance of products with the standards. We perform tests required for certification in the scope of national and international Marks, and also constructional tests based on the customer standards or specifications.

Our activities includes wide range of cables – installation, power distribution, control, flexible, medium voltage, telecom, halogen-free and heating cables and sets, conductors for overhead lines, bundle assembled cores, railway conductors.

We perform almost all tests at our lab, by means of our own specialized testing facilities. We cooperate with recognized accredited testing laboratories on the basis of a subcontracting agreement. We use high-class equipment, which is periodically calibrated to assure traceability.

At our laboratory, we have, among others:

– air-conditioned room for environmental conditions sensitive tests  – resistance of conductors, thickness of insulation and sheath, tensile and elongation at break of insulating and sheathing materials, chemical tests such as saponification of polyurethane, mass of zinc coating, zinc dip test. At tensile machine we perform number of mechanical material tests, but also mechanical tests at complete cables (deformation test for installation classification and tensile test of heating cables, adhesion of resin compound to XLPE insulation, tensile strength of wires and conductors),

– temperature tests stand (high temperatures up to +300°C, low temperatures above -60°C), where we perform among others ageing tests of insulating and sheathing materials, pressure test at high temperature, heat shock tests, hot set test, cold bend test, elongation and impact test at low temperature,

chamber for flame spread test at single cables,

– high voltage test stand, long term resistance of insulation to DC, insulation resistance at high temperature, surface resistance of sheath, longitudinal watertightness,

– high voltage laboratory for electrical type test (sequence) of MV cables – bending test, partial discharge test, tan δ at high temperature measurement, heating cycle test, impulse test followed by a voltage test.

Besides of test products safety tests, we also perform functional tests such as UV resistance of covering of overhead covered conductors, ShoreD of PE sheath, mechanical strength of flexible cables – flexing test, or grease drop point.