Certificate ENEC

The ENEC is a registered European certification Mark for electrical products. It confirms that the products marked with it fulfil the requirements of the relevant European standards (EN), mainly related to safety. ENEC is a Europe-wide, high-quality, independent trademark guaranteeing product safety. Certification for the ENEC Mark is a program subject to surveillance after issuing the certificate. The ENEC Mark for electrical products granted by SEP-BBJ is recognized by European countries as well as some countries outside Europe, without any additional conditions. The ENEC certificate register is available at www.enec.com . The ENEC Mark with the number 28 is affixed to the products certified in SEP-BBJ.

The manufacturer of the products submitted for certification in the ENEC program should have:

  • equipment enabling repetitive production of products
  • the possibility of performing routine checks of manufactured products (according to the document ENEC 303 Annex A, applicable to the certified product available on the ETICS website)
  • implemented management system according to ISO 9001 (not necessarily certified), including in particular the production of certified product. In the case of a non-certified system, it will be subject to an assessment carried out periodically by SEP – BBJ

How to submit a product for certification

Step 1: email inquiries to bbj@bbj.pl with attachments:

  • product catalogue data sheets
  • assembly, operation and maintenance instructions – if required
  • list of elements and components used in the product
  • copies of certificates, confirming compliance with the relevant subject standard, for components used in the product
  • picture of the product
  • design documentation – if required

Step 2: filling in the application-order* and supplement the documentation with the following attachments:

  • ISO 9001 certificate (s) for all production places, if applicable (or quality book – if no certificate)
  • completed and legally validated the certificate holder questionnaire*
  • completed and legally validated the manufacturer questionnaire* for all listed in the application-order production places
  • completed and legally validated form of Declaration of Identity* or Identification Statement*

    Note: If the application-order is accompanied by a test report, please Declaration of Identity; in case if the application-order concerns the modification of your certificate / license, please complete Identification Statement.

  • assembly drawings, block diagrams and assembly scheme
  • completed manufacturer’s registered trademark form*
  • other documents not listed above, if applicable

Step 3: delivery of samples selected for testing

Step 4: acceptance of the offer containing costs and realization time and signing the license agreement*

*to be download from the website