The CB certificate in the IECEE-CB Scheme* system is based on the principle of mutual recognition by members of the international IECEE organization of test results and national certificates issued on the basis of conformity assessment with IEC standards (or their national equivalents).

*IEC System of Conformity Testing Certification of Electrical Equipment and Components – CB Scheme

Based on the test report and the CB certificate obtained in SEP-BBJ, the manufacturer can obtain a foreign certificate in each National Certification Body operating under IECEE . Currently, in the IECEE-CB system is active 89 National Certification Bodies (NCB) from 54 countries.

All NCBs and testing laboratories cooperating with them, participating in the IECEE-CB system, are subject to uniform assessment and acceptance according to IECEE rules, guaranteeing a high level of provided services. The list of NCB and testing laboratories are published in the IECEE Bulletin and at www.iecee.org. You can find there also documents containing basic rules of the system:

  • IECEE-01 IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE System) – Basic Rules
  • IECEE-02 IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE System) – Rules of Procedure

How to submit a product for certification

Step 1: email inquiries to bbj@bbj.pl with attachments:

  • product catalogue data sheets
  • assembly, operation and maintenance instructions – if required
  • list of elements and components used in the product
  • copies of certificates, confirming compliance with the relevant subject standard, for components used in the product
  • picture of the product

Step 2: filling in the application-order* and supplement the documentation with the following attachments:

  • assembly drawings, block diagrams and assembly scheme
  • completed manufacturer’s registered trademark form* (in case of cables the drawing of the distinguishing thread)
  • other documents not listed above, if applicable

    *to be download from the website

Step 3: delivery of samples selected for testing

Step 4: acceptance of the offer containing costs and realization time