Certificate HAR

The HAR Mark is a registered European mark confirming that the marked cables meet with the requirements of the relevant European standards (EN) listed in the document HAR PD 7.

Certification for the HAR Mark is carried out by certification organizations – signatories to the HAR agreement. The certificate/license issued by SEP-BBJ is recognized by the other signatories as well as its own certificate/license without any administrative actions, restrictions and fees. Due to the high quality level of the HAR system and its reputation based on almost 40 years of experience, HAR marked cables are fully trusted by European users. The HAR Mark is one of the best tools to support access to the producer’s classification on the European market.

The list of certificates/licenses for the common certification HAR Mark can be found at www.har-cert.com in the tab LICENSED PRODUCTS. Cables covered by BBJs licenses are marked with the registered mark BBJ HAR.

The producer applying for the HAR certificate must meet the following requirements, consistent with the current HAR PD C document:

  • have got technological equipment and a management system enabling repetitive production
  • full range of measurement and research equipment for performing routine and type tests, as well as competent personnel to conduct these tests
  • an implemented system ISO 9001 (not necessarily certified), including in particular the production of cables and cords.

How to submit a product for certification

Step 1: email inquiries to bbj@bbj.pl

Step 2: filling in the application-order* and supplement the documentation with the following attachments:

  • completed manufacturer’;s questionnaire** and owner’s questionnaire*
  • completed manufacturer’s registered trademark form* (and the drawing of the distinguishing thread)
  • specification of the laboratory equipment of the manufacturer, necessary to perform the tests listed in the document PD C

Step 3: delivery of samples selected for testing

Step 4: acceptance of the offer containing costs and realization time and signing the license agreement*

*to be download from the website