Certificate Z

Certification of compliance Z is a confirmation by an independent third party – SEP-BBJ that a certified sample of the product meets the requirements of normative documents being the basis for certification.

When applying for a certificate of compliance, the supplier indicates the document that is the basis for certification. It may be a standard, a legal regulation or a technical specification, e.g. a company standard.

Certification of product / product compliance is carried out without surveillance. The Z certificate does not give you permission to use it in relation to later manufactured products.

How to submit a product for certification

Step 1: email inquiries to bbj@bbj.pl with attachments:

  • product catalogue data sheets
  • assembly, operation and maintenance instructions – if required
  • list of elements and components used in the product
  • copies of certificates, confirming compliance with the relevant subject standard, for components used in the product
  • picture of the product

Step 2: filling in the application-order* and supplement the documentation with the following attachments:

  • assembly drawings, block diagrams and assembly scheme
  • completed manufacturer’s registered trademark form*
  • other documents not listed above, if applicable

    *to be download from the website

Step 3: delivery of samples selected for testing

Step 4: acceptance of the offer containing costs and realization time